Renewable Energy Action for Lasting PEACE
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Marta Molinas

Tel: 47-73594240
Mobile: 47-94287670

Mailing address in Norway:


Jakob Kjeviks vei 6D

7020 Trondheim, Norway

Tel.: +47- 7320 1969

In the Kingdom of Bhutan:

Kunzang Wangmo
Chang Gada Phu
Thimphu, Bhutan
Tel/Fax: 975-2-326621


You can make donations to ren-PEACE through:

Ren-PEACE Account Number at DNB Norway


IBAN-accound number (for international payments) is: NO28 1204 2641 977

BIC/SWIFT-address of the bank is: DNBANOKKXXX

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How ren-PEACE works

Posted on 08/20/13

The Association operates by applying for funding to funding institutions for the realization of a particular renewable energy project to provide electricity access. The members of the organization will be the executors of the project […]

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Ren-Peace launched their new website

Posted on 08/20/13

Ren-PEACE Philosophy This organization is created on the belief that beyond the borders of countries, cultures and religions there is a most essential human kind brotherhood that shares the very same dream of peace for […]

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